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6th October 2020
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12th October 2020

Say NO To The Golborne Link

Transport Minister Andrew Stephenson has announced that The Golborne Link ‘remains part of the Government’s current proposals’ for HS2. A consultation on this plan has opened and will conclude on 11th December 2020. Therefore, I am encouraging residents to sign this petition to Andrew Stephenson to put on record our view that the link should be removed. This is because:

- Environment: In the midst of a climate emergency, this proposal will destroy the green belt between Warrington and Greater Manchester and destroy ecologically important sites and increase air pollution.

- Cost: It would cost between 2 and 3 BILLION pounds, which even Transport Secretary Grant Shapps conceded ‘delivers very little.' In addition, the project would also involve significant compensation for the businesses affected.

- Disruption: This project will cause significant disruption to village life and devastate the local communities.

- Alternative: There is a clear alternative- an upgrade of the west Coast Main Line at Crewe.