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12th October 2020
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14th October 2020

Charlotte Condemns Claire Fox House of Lords Introduction


Claire Fox was sworn in as a member of the House of Lords, following a nomination earlier in the summer.

Claire Fox was a leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party & has never apologised for their defence of the Warrington bombings in the days after.

As a member of the House of Lords Fox is entitled to claim £323 per day for attendance.

Since the announcement of Fox’s nomination, Charlotte has been working tirelessly to raise this issue and emphasise the hurt that it has caused to people in Warrington.

Charlotte Nichols MP said:

"Claire Fox's introduction to the Lords today is an insult to Warrington.

The Chair of the House of Lords Appointments Commission, Lord Bew, made clear to me that ‘The Prime Minister makes the final decision on whether to recommend to Her Majesty that an individual is granted a peerage’.

The blame for this disgraceful decision lies squarely at Boris Johnson's feet"