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8th February 2021
Save The Union Learning Fund
15th March 2021

We Need A Fair Deal For Bury


Following the Parliamentary debate on the Towns Fund, Charlotte said:

"This Government gives with one hand and takes with the other.

Of course I strongly welcome the £22m allocated to Warrington as part of Towns Fund- and as a member of the Town Deal Board I want to thank the stakeholders and officers of Warrington Borough Council for their work on this.

But this goes nowhere near enough to replace the cuts to funding in the last decade. The past 10 years have seen £15bn worth of cuts to local spending, with a further £2.6bn spent during COVID. By comparison, The Towns Fund programme replaces only a fifth of this shortfall.

I want to see a long overdue hospital built in Warrington. I want to see assurances of funding for the restoration and redevelopment of local leisure and library facilities, including Culcheth Community Campus and the Padgate. I want a guarantee that our council will be reimbursed for its additional expenditure during COVID. Without these, we won't see the returns we should from the Town Deal project, fatally undermining its success.

This can only be delivered through a sustainable funding programme, not a one in a decade competition.

See a copy of Charlotte's speech here: