Station House Pub
11th January 2021
Tackling Misogyny and Elder Abuse
12th January 2021

Warrington Youth Zone


Charlotte visited the site of the new Warrington Youth Zone in town. The Zone is set to open its doors in 2022 and evidence from other towns with Youth Zones, such as Wigan, show a dramatic decrease in antisocial behaviour following its opening, meaning as well as being a brilliant resource for young people that its benefits can be felt right across the community.

Charlotte said:

"I'm delighted with the progress being made with the new Youth Zone, which is a fantastic investment in our town's young people and their futures. What makes the concept so special is that it's services are led by young people for young people, to ensure that it meets their needs and interests, and is a success.

I'm working with partners across youth services and transport to make sure all young people across Warrington North, especially outside the Central 6 wards, can access the centre once it has opened and can be involved in its delivery."