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26th May 2021
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26th May 2021

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission


I asked a question following the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Special Committee Report on Historical Inequalities, which found that tens of thousands of Commonwealth soldiers have been commemorated unequally or not at all having given their lives in the World Wars.

The report estimates that between 45,000 and 54,000 casualties (predominantly Indian, East African, West African, Egyptian and Somali personnel) were commemorated unequally, usually by registers or collectively on memorials but not by name. A further 116,000 casualties (predominantly, but not exclusively, East African and Egyptian personnel), but potentially as many as 350,000 were not commemorated by name or possibly not at all. In many circumstances, this was avoidable and a policy decision that the lives of these soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country were not as worthy of remembrance as British soldiers.

I am glad that the Secretary of State apologised on behalf of the Government for this historic wrong, and accepted the findings of the Committee's report as well as the steps required to right this historic wrong. The Unremembered must now be remembered.