The Budget Response
15th March 2021
Warrington North Newsletter: March Newsletter
30th March 2021

Stopping Government Cronyism


At a time when the Government is borrowing huge sums of money to get us through the pandemic, it is only right that this spending should come with accountability. I spoke today to support an amendment to the Consolidated Fund debate, that would mean greater transparency on Government spending when it comes to contracts- requiring the Government to publish a monthly list for scrutiny. Shamefully this was voted down!

It has been scandalous how much public money (our money!) has wound up in the pockets of businesses linked to Ministers and advisors, without experience in delivery. In many cases, other companies have not even been able to bid for these contracts, and I am aware of a number of local manufacturers who have been turned down when they offered support in the national effort.

I don't doubt the need to increase our spending to ensure that lives and livelihoods can be protected at this most difficult time, but we must make sure that public money is being spent for the public good and not just making those profiting from the crisis even richer.