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15th March 2021
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15th March 2021

Ennoblement of Claire Fox


Today I have written to the Prime Minister regarding the enoblement of Claire Fox and its impact on our town.

Yesterday his official spokesperson condemned the journalist Roy Greenslade for his support for IRA violence in the 1980s and 1990s, saying, “the PM outright condemns his comments as I have said specifically those about the killing of civilians.”

There is a clear hypocrisy there- this is the same Prime Minister who allowed Claire Fox to be elevated to the House of Lords in spite of her formerly being a leading member of the Revolutionary Communist Party who has never apologised for their defence of the Warrington bombings.

When I discuss this issue with Warrington residents I feel the palpable disgust within our community that this has been allowed to happen. The Prime Minister cannot simply bring this up when it is convenient for him, he must explain why he did not block her elevation and apologise to the people of Warrington for his inaction.