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24th November 2020
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1st December 2020

Charlotte Quiz Prime Minister on Pubs


In a parliamentary debate on the introduction of new COVID-19 restrictions Charlotte asked the Prime Minister about how the Government will support pubs.

In her question Charlotte raised the issues surrounding the extension of the 'substantial meal requirement' to Tier 2 as well as the impact of the poor timing of this decision on supply chains. As a result, Charlotte called on the government to provide a sectoral deal to support pubs.

Charlotte said:

Pubs have been absolutely battered in this crisis and deserve better than to have to wait until Thursday to know whether or not they can open. This also has a significant impact on manufacturers and breweries, something that is particularly close to home in Warrington North.

It’s time for the Government to step up and provide a sectoral deal to support pubs. As your MP and the Chair of the All-Party-Parliamentary Group on Pubs I will fight tooth and nail for this.