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8th February 2021
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8th February 2021

Charlotte Commends Local Vaccine Roll-Out


Commenting on the success of the vaccine roll-out in Warrington, Charlotte said:

"The tremendous roll-out of the vaccine in Warrington is a significant source of optimism for our town.

I want to pay tribute to the amazing NHS staff and volunteers who are powering us through locally. They are heroes and deserve immense credit for their work. Vaccines are the best exit strategy from COVID and I also want to thank everyone who is promoting take-up of the vaccine in the face of scaremongering from a very small minority.

It was truly humbling to meet the staff and volunteers working so hard to get Warrington vaccinated and to see for myself just how smooth and well-managed the process is. Many of the volunteers told me what an emotional experience taking part in the local effort has been, particularly as for those receiving their vaccine it can often be their first time leaving the house since last March.

Thank you to Dr Dan Bunstone for the walkthrough and providing clarity on many of the questions and concerns I've had raised with me by people understandably nervous about the process. And thank you to all those who are helping to keep our town's most vulnerable residents safe, and helping us back on our way to normal life."