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23rd September 2020
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25th September 2020

Charlotte asks Housing Minister about Evictions Ban


Charlotte asked the Housing Minister about the status of the eviction ban in Warrington North.


Charlotte Nichols MP:

'As of yesterday Warrington North is subject to local lockdown. The Government has announced that bailiffs won't evict in areas under local lockdown. But the eviction ban has been lifted and guidance for bailiffs remains unpublished. Given that local lockdown guidance does not clearly rule out bailiff action, what assurances can the Minister give constituents of mine in the private rented sector, anxious about losing their home as we stand on the precipice of the second wave of this pandemic?'

Housing Minister, Chris Pincher MP

'The Lord Chancellor has written to the Bailiffs Association to make absolutely clear what their responsibilities are. Further guidance will be published in due course but we are absolutely clear, where there is a lockdown, where movement restrictions are in place, evictions should not take place


After the response, Charlotte said:

"It is very troubling that residents in the private rented sector after being kept in the dark, as the eviction ban ended on Sunday, with no further guidance about how this impacts areas under a local lockdown.

The Minister’s response was welcome, but it needs to be backed up by action, to assure Warrington North residents that they will not be forced out of their homes during a global pandemic."