Banning LGBT ‘conversion therapy’
15th March 2021
Stopping Government Cronyism
15th March 2021

The Budget Response


I spoke in yesterday’s parliamentary debate on the Budget.

For many years, the Conservatives have been able to manufacture a reputation for economic competence, despite years of continued mismanagement.

Here are some examples I talked about yesterday:

🅰️ Lost our Triple A credit rating and have never got it back

🏥 Underfunded our public services to already dangerous levels when the pandemic struck

💸 Forecast to borrow £355bn this year, with a debt of over 100% of GDP

🚢 Made trade even more difficult for our businesses

💷 Raised taxes back to 1960s levels

🍺 Gave pubs expensive obligations that eliminated their custom without proper support

👩‍⚕️ Offered our NHS heroes a real terms pay cut

🚊 Cut Transport for the North, entrenching regional inequality

🏭 Scrapped our Industrial Strategy, threatening our prospects for recovery